As our main calling to connect the need with caring, we organize and facilitate life-changing trips to South Africa, where travelers live, worship and help in the townships of Soweto, and surrounding areas. Missionaries, doctors, pastors, nurses, teachers, students and fellow Christians who want to experience and contribute their talents to people of this country are welcomed and encouraged. The upcoming trip will be in August 2017. Click here to learn more


Rev. Quebec Miya is available to bring your congregation the message and the Good News, your church will be blessed by hearing the message of WMO’s mission work in South Africa. Contact our Secretary, Sister Sheila Bland at


WMO exists to help you and I and our churches- fulfill our duty and obligation– to go out there and help his people who are helpless and suffering. We believe that through works and preaching, educating and helping we would lift people out of situation of poverty, and illiteracy, and put them on the path of glorifying God. WMO Vision is to spread the gospel of hope throughout the world by connecting humanity to care for each other.  

WMO believes in exchange and sharing of ideas and spreading the Good News among all peoples. Every summer, we in invite pastors, speakers, and singers from South Africa to preach the Gospel in our churches across US. We welcome you to volunteer to host them in your homes, and invite them to bring the message to your congregations. Contact us for more information. 


Field Workers are an essential part of WMO staff for helping us promote the mission, engage with our beneficiaries and continue the work in our offices in South African and US. We invite your to use your talents. Please contact us for more information. 


WMO organizes concerts, rallies, and conferences throughout the world. Subscribe to our mailing list and follow us on Facebook to receive your invitations. 


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